Multiple DWC 2.1.4 Browser Tabs at Once - Drop Outs

  • @DocTrucker
    that'll probably be down to the way firefox is handling the tabs, not DWC

  • Does firefox manage to keep two running if you have one in a private session or what firefox calls it?

  • @jay_s_uk even on a active tab? Connection drop outs aren't just happening when the tab isn't up front.

  • @bearer good idea. Will try that, and also go old school with seperate windows.

  • @DocTrucker Recommend trying Chrome. I’ve had good luck with It and 2.07. Had many weird disconnection issues with Safari and since switching to Chrome it has been much more stable.

  • Multiple browsers or private windows have no effect. Perhap https would be better to the DWC?

    I'll try another browser.

  • Tried Chromium, Chrome, Iridium, Firefox.

    Private modes, separate windows.

    All crap with four DWC windows open at the same time.

    Connections may be made, but that can't be held.

    Edit: +Opera

    I think this confirms it is either a network issue or duet/DWC issue. All machines are stable on their own. The network is a subnet on my private network. I have a router that hooks into my home network, and all machines connect directly to that, or a network switch that is also connected to the router.

  • Just tried a different patch lead between my sub-net switch and sub-net router. No improvement. All other internet including an Octopi and streaming radio works fine. The subnet is because the connection to internet is sketchy and it allows me to maintain connection to my machines if the connection to the main house router fails.

    Is there any way to run DWC on HTTPS?

    Edit: Rolling out 2.1.4 on RRF1 on all of the problem Machines. It's working fine. Should also say all machines are static IP Adresses, no IP address clashes, and outside of the range the router allocates DHCP addresses.

  • All machines up graded to 2.1.4. No improvement in the drop-out issue.

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    @DocTrucker do they all have the same MAC address?! That was sometimes an issue with the old Duets.


  • I think they are different. Thanks for the heads up, I will check.

  • @droftarts there was a clash with two machines sharing a MAC address, thanks that looks promising. Although the fault finding did prompt me to try a version of DWC that I thought wasn't compatible, and it's working fine so a minor plus out of my balls up!

    It's still miss-behaving at the moment but I know which two machines to avoid having up at the same time. At the end of the days prints I will reset them all and the router + switch too before giving a verdict. At the moment it's still misbehaving but I'm guessing the board or router may need a reset.

    I had asigned unique MAC addresses to all machines but obviously hadn't finished setting up this machine.

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    @DocTrucker said in Multiple DWC 2.1.4 Browser Tabs at Once - Drop Outs:

    I had asigned unique MAC addresses to all machines but obviously hadn't finished setting up this machine.

    Unless you are using older Duets (0.6 and 0.8.5 versions), it's not normally necessary to configure the MAC addresses, because for more recent boards RRF generates a default MAC address from the unique ID of the chip. There is only a small possibility that two Duets will have the same MAC address.

    EDIT - I see from your original post that you are indeed running older Duets.

  • @dc42 worth knowing though, thanks. Should the MAC address change instantly with M540, or only after a reset?

  • All sorted now. Thanks. User error... 🙂

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