Odd error messages in DWC

  • This is no big deal but a little strange. I'm currently printing a part that I have printed before and at the same time, doing other things in Firefox on my PC. Going back to the DWC tab, I see a string of messages such as "Error: Unsupported command M1071". There are 8 of them at slightly different times, all the same apart from the last 4 digits. I've double checked the gcode file and these commands are not embedded in there so it seems that it must have been me checking emails or replying to comments on my blog that caused some sort of interference with DWC. I'm using a wired Ethernet version of Duet, not the WiFi version. No harm done, the print is proceeding fine - just seems a little strange.

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    Yes that is odd! Which firmware and DWC versions are you using? Is there any pattern to the 4 digits?

  • Hi David,

    Firmware is 1.18.1, DWC is 15a. I've since turned the machine off so have no record of the messages but as I recall, the numbers ranged between M1071 and M1076 with some repeated but no obvious pattern. Never seen it before and the only thing I can think of that I was doing differently was writing a reply to a comment on my Wordpress blog. That could of course be a red herring but I've known stranger things to happen. I'll try and replicate it if I get chance but it's low on my "todo" list.

  • Had this again today. No problem , just a pop up message "Error: Unsupported command M1070". The print itself was unaffected.

    Note that this time it was M1070 but before it was M1071 to M1076. This time I wasn't doing anything else on the PC and didn't have any other tabs open in Firefox - just DWC. I did however notice that it happened during a phase of the print when the print cooling fan was being switched on and off. That's a bit coincidental given that the command to turn off the fan is M107. I removed the SD card and checked the file but there are no occurrences of M1070 (or anything similar other than M107). So the SD card itself hasn't got corrupted but it does seem like every now and then, DWC is "seeing" a corrupt version of M107 if that is possible. Strangeā€¦..........

    Edit. I got the same message twice about 10 seconds apart. Then no further occurrences, but coincidentally, the fan was off for the rest of the print. Also, it's Duet Ethernet, not WiFi if that makes any difference.


  • More weird things happening. Twice now when I've used the slider to adjust the print speed, I get a page of diagnostics. Here is a screen shot https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_MwtHtQR_ZvbG4wSzVRYnpXNWs/view?usp=sharing

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