Blown driver

  • Spent today refitting my Delta with the Duet Wifi, initially had a problem with the Z axis running in reverse, and after some diagnostics smelt toasted circuitry and now the Z axis doesn't run at all!

    Put the original Duet 0.85 back in and its running fine!

    could someone please confirm the function of M584, if I run M584 X0 Y1 Z4 E3 would that let me use the spare driver for the Z axis? any other changes that should be made?

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    I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune. Do you think you shorted the Z motor output? If not, ask for a replacement under warranty.

    M584 Z4 will remap the Z axis to the 5th driver. Put it before the M906 command.

  • Pretty sure there was no opportunity for a short circuit. at the time I thought I had an open circuit/damaged wire etc, so was swapping out the suspect cable with one from my Fisher…. the running backwards was pretty weird though

  • You didn't swap that cable with the power applied to the board, did you?

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