WiFi module doesn’t turn on when printer is turned on

  • After setting up my duet 2 WiFi board and plugging the printer in. The board turns on but the WiFi module doesn’t turn on or show indication through the led that it is on. What can I do to resolve this issue. I set up the configuration on the board before plugging the parts of the 3D printer in to the spec of the guide on dozuki.

  • Connect a usb cable and use the serial console to see what messages are printed when the printer is turned on.


    attach your config file.

  • When having it plugged into a usb cable on a Mac it is suppose to show a line that says USB modem then a number but it just shows that there is just a Bluetooth incoming port and no usb attached device.

  • Moderator

    Try different USB cables or a different PC entirely

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