Duet Maestro and 12864 Problem

  • Hello, I have used the forum search but did not find anything to my problem:

    I have connected a 12864 display to a Duet Maestro and uploaded some menu files. The Display is working so far and showing all kinds of infos on the screen and by TURNING the rotary knob of the 12864 I can highlight several menus / values.

    However, pressing the knob has no whatsoever effect, no menu can be called or no value can be changed. The Duet just does not react on pressing the button of the rotary knob at all. Just nothing happens. I have tested 3 different 12864, all with the same result. Display is working, I just cant use the button of the rotary.
    I have looked into the menu files themselves and they seem OK, calling the right action etc.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Duet Maestro 1.0 with 2.05 firmware

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    It sounds as though the button is not connected to the processor pin on the Maestro. This could be due to a fault in the ribbon cable or on the Maestro. Did you try different ribbon cables?

  • I did try 2 different ribbon cables, same result. Which one is the "processor pin" on the Duet connection and on which of the 2 connectors?

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    It's the pin labelled ENC_SW on connector 12864_EXP1 in the diagram at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Duet_2_Maestro_Wiring_Diagram. It's connected to pin 49 of the microcontroller.

  • Thanks, Dave.
    Found it, made a new cable, now its working. Turned out that both of my cable sets were broken.

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    I'm glad you managed to fix it.👍

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