Handling unequal effector rod lengths?

  • I've got my rods pretty close. After the decimal they are 93, 94, 94, 95, 98 and 98. So, max difference of 0.05mm between the longest and shortest. Is there any way to account for different lengths in the config files? Assuming not, what is considered the best order in which to connect the rods to the effector? For example, should I pair similar lengths, or perhaps should I pair dissimilar lengths to make the average of each pair similar?

  • They are quite close in length so they should work very well. Definitely pair the most equal length rods with one another. Deltas function on having the closest match to pairs of perfect right angled triangles formed between the arms, linear guides and effector. So the more perfect each pair of triangles are the better. That being said start this way do some calibration, swap them around see what effect it has.

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