Short ground on all stepper

  • Hi, newbie here yesterday I finished setting up my cnc, controlled by duet3d. When I've gone in to test motors, the short ground appears as it goes through the sequence of testing each of the 4 motors, but if I disconnect them from the duet3d board it goes through without the warning. As this is my initial testing, I'm not sure if it's something I have or haven't done. I've triple checked the wires, remade the ends at the board and at the motor, but I still have the same issue, motor clicks hums but nothing else. From search through the web theres alot more involved than I initially thought, I am a first time user so please be gentle any help would be amazing thank you.

  • @clondyke555 said in Short ground on all stepper:

    I've triple checked the wires

    if the fault clears when you disconnect the motors odds are the wiring, or the motors is the issue. maybe you can elaborate a little on what checking you have done, as well as motors and wiring?

    edit: might also be a (current) config issue, so maybe add your config along with specs for the motors

  • @bearer I got this 2nd hand hand unfinished project, the cnc was already built and with the motors attached, the stickers on all the motors had faded all I could make out was nema. The plugs that came with the motors had 4 wires "red, blue, yellow, green" and were very short so needed to be extended because there wasn't any information on the motor and I couldn't get a data sheet I tested the motor to work out the pairs by holding 2 of the wires and spinning the motor I did this until I got resistance I got this on the yellow and red then the blue and green.

    This is how I wired up to the board Green 2B
    Red 2A
    Yellow 1A
    Blue 1B.

    Config wise, I have gone much past here, as I wanted to atleast get the initial test motors to work before I push forward with anything else.

    Thank you

  • @clondyke555 said in Short ground on all stepper:

    I got this on the yellow and red

    Red 2A
    Yellow 1A

    That should be Red 1B and Yellow 1A then.

  • @bearer right I'll try that now, thank you as I said I am a newbie so trying to work through as I go

  • @bearer that's it, rookie mistake thank you. So the test initiated all motors, obviously now I have the issue of them going past there limits, so I take it that the calibration is next, or something else? I've had a quick look at the calibration and I think I'll need to do a custom one, is there any good links, videos etc you could point me to so I know what I'm doing 😬 thanks again you're a credit to this forum.

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    Have you used the online configurator to generate a config file bundle for your machine?

  • @dc42 not as yet, I've just wanted to test motors so far which with some help I've confirmed are now working I've been on the link and as my machine isnt listed I assume I need to do a custom calibration "my machine is an ooznest" is it pretty straight forward?

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    Fairly straight forward if you have the details of your machine.

    Post your results here for a check over.