Resume print after 'accidental' emergency stop

  • Hi all,

    I'm 80% through a 4 day print and I want to check progress on my webcam. I open DWC on my phone, click the menu button on the top left..... nothing. I click again, the menu opens and emergency stop registers.

    Does any one know how I can attempt to resume the print? No resurrect file was produced.

    I can take a good guess at what layer I'm on but if this is logged anywhere that would be even better.

    Appreciate this wont be exact but its a functional part and pretty doesn't matter. Just don't want to have wasted over 3 rolls of filament.


  • I've had to do this back in the day when there was no resurrect function at all.

    Do you have a set of calipers? They can measure depth with the rod that slides out. I used that to measure as precisely as I could the height of the object. Then I did my best to place the nozzle on that plane (comparing by eye and moving the nozzle close to the print to ensure it's the real Z height). Then I determined which layer to start on, and edited the gcode file to remove everything before the layer it was on. And hit go!! It worked amazingly better than it could have, with just a bit of squoosh on that restarted layer.

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    Thanks bot. That's roughly what I was thinking. But the Z axis wont home. Is there a way I can manually tell it the height it is at? Then just run the gcode?

  • @dm86 yes. G92 Zxx.x sets the z height to whatever you replace xx.x with. Be careful, though, if you have a delta. If you set G92 Z on a delta, it assumes you are also at X0 Y0, ie the center of the build volume.

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    I've done more resumes like this than I have with the official resume feature. If you plan it out and go slowly it can turn out quite well.

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