Duet emulator

  • I have finished installing the various development environments and would like to start developing the GUI. Is there any way to simulate the duet 3 card or should I always have the raspberry connected to the duet3 card?
    Thank you.

  • Yeah, that's a thing I'd also know.. is there something like a mock API for RRF3?

    It was/is a bit funky trying to develop on the DWC on a live backend..

  • At what level do you intend to interface? The Unix internal socket? The Web Socket?

    I can tell you what I do to develop: A mix of the actual printers around here, and a Duet 2 board (running RRF2 or 3 on different days) sitting on a bench with a couple of steppers plugged in sitting a few inches away from it. I have the (non-existent) endstops on that 'system' configured to be "always triggered" so that I can "home" it. Mostly, I don't have heaters or sensors or things.

    That's really it for the test rig. Occasionally, I will plug an extra switch or sensor or motor or whatever into that test harness... but... in reality, I usually just re-point from the test harness to a printer if I need something more.

    Not at all saying this is the perfect setup; for me, it is productive.

  • I believe I will use DuetSocketFramework but I have yet to start. I wasted too much time installing qt on windows! 🙂
    So the only solution is to buy a Duet card to do software development, it seems cheap! 🙂
    I was hoping there was a simulator or something like that at least for the main functions.
    Thank you.

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