SOLVED IR Sensor with the Duet 3 "Tool Board"

  • Evening Ladies & Gents

    Im carrying out due diligence in getting my new Core-XY ready for movement trials.

    I have a Duet 3, Ripi3b+ and a Tool Board, in conjunction with that i will be running one of David's IR sensors.

    Now I might be being thick but is the IR Sensor compatible with the Tool board ?

    I know the IR sensor is a 3 pin setup with 3.3/5v, Ground & Signal

    And I know the tool board lists as having a dedicated 4 pin connector for Z probes.

    But the fly in the ointment for me is that is also lists the following:

    As of RRF 3.01-RC3, only Z probe modes 8 and 9 are supported

    And according to all the commissioning I have done with IR sensors the instructions state the following:

    Connect the VCC, GND and OUT pins of the sensor to 3.3V, GND and IN respectively on the Z probe connector, and select mode 1 in the M558 command

    So will the firmware be updated in the future to allow the use of mode 1, or whats the story ?

  • administrators

    For all Duet 3 boards, the IR sensor should be used in mode 8. I will update the instructions.

  • @dc42 thank you for the info, I can now proceed.

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