Nozzle Dragging on print.Tevo Little Monster with smart effector

  • So I have a strange problem that has popped up with my little monster. The first few layers lay down fine but it eventually starts to drag the nozzle on the print inevitably causing a crash. I've got no clue what the issue is I've checked steps on x,y and z. It definitely isn't over extrusion either because I've checked the e steps as well. . . . .Ive looked at everything I could think of and cant fix it

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    @Socket5166 I'd guess that there's something loose somewhere, and one (or more of the axes are losing position, which is obviously fatal for the print. Or your accelerations are set very high, and motors are skipping steps.

    Most likely is a loose motor pulley on one of the main towers, then a slipping belt. If that doesn't help, post your config.g and firmware version (send M115 and post response).


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