Another Maestro board burned by BLTouch

  • I was excited to add a BLTouch to my M3D Crane 3D Quad (uses Duet 2 Maestro) printer to address some first layer adhesion issues. I ordered the V3 BLTouch from Antclabs on Amazon and installed it following the diagram at the top of this post which for some reason I found before the wiki section. I triple checked the wiring and it matched the sketch and made sense per the BLTouch datasheet. Anyway, a minute or two after powering up the printer, I let the smoke out of U3.

    After doing more digging I found the wiki linked above and hilarious how to destroy your duet 2 wiki.

    I ended up finding a replacement board on eBay and installed it per the wiki and all is good. Since @dc42 showed interest in tracking the U3 failures in a few threads, I figured I'd post my experience.

    The still visible markings read:
    I'm happy to send the board back if it helps future design efforts or its something you can refurb.


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    @mattd Thanks, I've edited the first post on that thread to point at the correct instructions.

    Regarding your board, it is possible to replace U3 (which is the 5V regulator). If you're not up for doing it yourself, see this thread for someone near you who may be able to:

    If you would like to return it in exchange for a refurb (or just donate it! Very kind!) please email Roland on and reference this thread.

    If you've bought a Duet Maestro from ebay, please be aware it's probably a clone board. Not illegal, just Duet3D aren't obliged to support it, and don't offer a warranty on it.


  • Thanks for the quick response! The ebay board was from an individual (not random international seller) and looks 100% identical to the one that shipped with my Quad so hopefully it is legitimate!

    @Danal, since we are both in the US, are you interested in attempting a U3 swap on this board? If not, I'll send it back to Duet.

    Replacement board:
    s-l1600.jpg s-l1600-3.jpg

  • Be happy to try. Contact me via danal (dot) estes (at) gmail (dot) com.

  • @Danal said in Another Maestro board burned by BLTouch:

    Be happy to try

    Thanks! Email sent

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