old duet 3d board with new daughterboard compatibility ?

  • Hello, I purchased an Ormerod 3d printer on classified ads for 50 euro, and I like the machine because it is part of 3d printing history, designed by Adrian Bowyer himself as a kit, and even though the duet board is old, it still has ethernet compatibility and I have a module to connect a screen to it. My question is, could I just buy a daughterboard with Trinamic drivers and connect it to the old duet board and use the duex5 daughterboard as a mainboard to have the advantages of the Trinamic drivers and the new age duet technology? I mean the oldest board is still configurable through the duet firmware creator, and it costs less than a duet 2, and if it would work 5 stepper motors are more than enough for my project. Any input on the matter is greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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    The Duet 0.6 supports up to 4 external drivers, so in theory you could buy a bare RAMPS PCB and add the sockets for driver modules, the electrolytic capacitors and the microstepping select jumpers (or hard wire them). However, the firmware for older Duets doesn't support configuring drivers via SPI or UART. So unless you want to make extensive changes to the firmware yourself, you would be limited to using a fixed driver configuration and you would have to set the motor currents using the potentiometers on the driver modules.

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