An easy timelapse task?

  • I have looked some of timelapse threads but they are generally hardware(octoprint,rasperry pi etc) dependant.

    I am using just my phone and droidcam app to stream videos to DWC through local network.

    So it would be very nice if there would be an option to capture an image on every layer change to SD card.

  • @secure I use OpenCamera to snap stills for print monitoring and occasional time lapse movies. The images get backed up using Google Photos as soon as they are made so I can monitor print progress from any web browser. I don't try to use video streaming.

    I think the trick will be in triggering the phone to snap the image. You might need some sort of bluetooth transmitter connected to the Duet board for that, and then the phone app will have to be able to respond to the bluetooth input. I got a selfie stick from China a couple years ago that had a little bluetooth button to trigger the phone camera. Maybe something like that can be adapted. I don't think it will be difficult to get the Duet to toggle a line on layer change. I tested the Mooni bluetooth camera trigger with OpenCamera and it works.

    Maybe something like this is easily hacked:

    OpenCamera doesn't have any advertising or resolution limitations...

    On every layer change send the extruder carriage to a location away from the print. Put the bluetooth camera trigger at that location so that when the extruder gets there, it pushes the button to snap the picture. You wouldn't have to hack anything, just add some custom gcode on layer change in the slicer. You'd have to figure out some sort of mount for the bluetooth button, and that's about it.

  • @secure if droidcam is serving a rtmp or IP cam stream then you should be able to run DuetLapse on just about any other device on your network that can run python3.

    It's built for a Pi but I'm using it on a Ubuntu laptop and it is working fine.

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