Show amount of filament on screen before printing

  • I would like to know if it is possible to show the amount of plastic needed before the start of a print.
    So I start a print job and use M117 or similar to display the needed filament.
    M36 can show the needed info but I can't isolate just the filament needs.

    Same goes for the filename. It would be nice to be able to display it using M117 or something. Is this possible?

  • All this information is shown in the Print Status screen on DWC

  • What Doug said. - you don't need M117. However, DWC must get the information from the gcode file and that must come from the slicer. So if you don't see it, on DWC then it could be that the slicer isn't putting it in the gcode file.

  • my wifi shows this information but reading it makes little sense to me till close to end of print job. can anyone clarify what this is trying to tell me? would attach pic if i could figure out how…

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