Fan speed during toolchange

  • Hello everyone,
    I need help, is there a way to activate the tool fan 100% during the toolchange and bring it back to the value it had in the printing phase?
    I'm on firmware 3.01 RC9
    I could use objectmodels for something like

    ;in tfreeX.g
    M28 0:/sys/fan.g
    		M106 {}					

    and then

    ;in TpostX.g
    m98 p "fan.g"

    any suggestions?

  • It may be possible to do this without conditional g-code.

    Prior to invoking your tool change macros, the system does the equivalent of a "G60 S2". Therefore, you can do a M106 Px R2 (where x is the tool fan) to restore. This would go at the very end of tpostx.g

    Try this, I am not 100% sure it pushes the tool fan to the memory slot... but I seem to remember having done this with the print fan before.

  • administrators

    Try as @Danal suggested.

  • @Danal
    thanks! it worked perfectly.

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