longer ribbon cable

  • Hi,
    I need to connect the PanelDue with a longer ribbon cable. I found from the wiki that it is possible to connect it with longer cables if we used 26awg!
    "In tests using standard 28awg 1.27mm spaced ribbon cable, 400mm worked reliably but 800mm did not. So 400mm is the maximum recommended cable length. You can also get 26awg 1.27mm ribbon cable, and by using such cable you may be able to achieve reliable operation with cables longer than 400mm."
    --can any one help me about where to buy such cables in Europe???

  • Moderator

    The ribbon cable is only required if you need to use the SD card slot. So perhaps the 4wire cable would be a better option?

    If you really do need the SD card, then check Mouser for cables and choose your European country.


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