PanelDue Hot Component

  • I connected the 5" PanelDue this morning and a component in the outlined area on the photo got hot as Hades, hot enough that when I picked it up it was so hot that I almost dropped the panel.

    Do I have a bad panel or is this normal?

    The interface board is set at 3.3V

  • Can anyone tell me if one of those components should get hot? When this happened the Duet was being powered by the USB port. Only the display was attached to the board and not only was one of the components really hot but the display was displaying upside down and backwards.

  • administrators

    The components you have outlined comprise the backlight inverter on the TFT panel. I think it's normal for the chip to run warm, but not the other parts.

    This has nothing to do with the display being upside down or mirrored. You can adjust the orientation on the Setup page.

    EDIT: I just tested my 5" display. The small 6-pin chip does get hot, but not too hot to keep my finger on it.

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