Fitting a Maestro to my D-Bot..

  • Hi folks, hope everyone is well in these trying times. I am building a 300 x 300 D-Bot and have bought a Duet Maestro board to use as a controller. It has an ethernet connection rather than a wifi one. Is there a core XY D-Bot firmware available? I am a bit daunted by getting it set up so any assistance would be a big help. I have a Duet 2 Wifi in my CNC router and a use a Paneldue to control it as I wasn't very successful at setting it up on my home router, is ethernet any easier? Many thanks...

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    Getting connected to the Ethernet boards is a bit simpler. It’s just a cable to the router. No username and password. The duet can take a dhcp address if the router will give it. And you should be able to have the router reserve that address for the duet. If none of that makes sense on the network side we can try to help but every router is different.

    There isn’t a specific firmware for corexy but the configuration will be a bit different. I can share my own config later but the online configurator tool should be your first stop since you can customize it to your machine.

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