Yes...0.85 boards are still alive! And needing some love...

  • Hi all,

    In building up my farm to produce PPE face shields at a more rapid rate, I decided to take my old Kossel XL out of mothballs. The platform is solid and it's printing pretty well straight off the bat, but I wanted to get the thing fully up to date before putting it into production.

    The Kossel uses a generation 1 Duet 0.85 and is running a very old firmware, namely 1.09r-dc42, and web interface HTML 1.09, JS 1.09 from 2016!

    I've looked around in here and on the Duet site but all I can find if gen 2 instructions, and I've got to admit I got lost trying to follow the different pages.

    Does anybody have a link to some clear instructions for updating this old beast? I know there are specific instructions and things to watch out for between versions, and I really don't want to brick a working any advice would be appreciated!

    Many thanks


  • @SlimShader IIRC, you can not run RRF2, but a special version of 1.x that dc42 was graciously building alongside the rrf2 builds.

    Look at the releases, and you'll usually see reference to, for example, 1.23 for the older duets. This is what you'll want.

    I don't know if there are any major gotchas. Sometime after 1.09, an error was corrected that caused some PID values to be incorrectly halved, so you may have to double the I and D parameter of any heaters. Other than that, nothing off the top of my head comes up. But, I never explored this path myself. Read all the release notes going back as far as you can, keep an eye out for all the 1.x stuff, and try the latest.

    I don't know if the DWC could update the firmware as far back as 1.09, so you'll need to maybe use bossa to upgrade to a specific 1.x version then put iap.bin in your sys directory and then you can drag and drop upload firmwares.

    Sorry I'm being vague, this is all just based off memory.

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    1.26.1 is the latest for those boards.

    Installing the firmware is the same. In this case it would probably be easiest to use bossa to flash the board with the firmware, and then manually install the updated DWC files to the /www folder on the SD card. You'll also likely need a fresh config.g from the web configurator since a lot will have changed.

  • Thanks guys, I'll give it a bash tonight.

  • OK, it was a bit more challenging than I suspected but I have the 0.85 board updated to 1.26.1 & connecting properly to the latest web interface.

    I have to say, the documentation could be somewhat clearer in terms of which BIN to use on which board etc - I resorted to guessing in the end and fortunately got it right - even just renaming the file to have something like a '06-85' reference would have helped!

    Many thanks for the advice above - much appreciated!

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