Duplicate printing

  • Hi, is there a mode on the Duet to duplicate print? I have a printer that has two extruders 200mm apart. There is a hardware duplication mode, but it shares heater controls and extruder drivers. I haven't had good results since the nozzles don't stay at the same temperature.

    Marlin recently added DUAL_NOZZLE_DUPLICATION_MODE that was awesome. Of course I just switched to a Duet Ethernet 😃

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    Duet and RRF are very flexible so it should be possible. It's already been done on IDEX machines. You need to use the M563 command to define a tool that uses both heaters and both extruders. Then use M567 and M568 to enable mixing on that tool and set the mix ratio as 1:1.

  • Thank you! I will be upgrading my second printer soon. It has the duplication mode. I look forward to trying this. I didn't realize you could assign multiple heaters and extruders to the same tool. That is genius.

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