turning heater port into fan port

  • Hello,

    I fried my fan ports on my duetwifi none of the fans work. this includes the always on fans. and since the board only has one fuse and i can still print (without fans) i thing more then just a mosfet has blown. so i'm left connecting my fans always directly to Vin. but i would love a bit more control for my part cooling fans.

    I have read here that i can use "M307 H2 A-1 C-1 D-1 to disable heater 2 to make it available and M106 P0 A2 S0 as fan 0 uses logical pin 2, which is heater 2"
    as found in a previous post answered by dc42. but when I try this it doesn't work.

    Is there anyone who can help a newbie like me?

  • Ok so i tried to get out the 1A fuse to check if it has blown. and it looks like it has. now the problem is that when I try to turn on the duetwifi again it just wont start. it started for a few seconds and then just shut down. and now it wont restart

  • so yeah the PSU's cable had gotten loose by me fiddling with it. so the board is probably fine.

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