Warning if loaded filament does not match job material

  • I've just started looking into RRF3. With the new gcode meta-commands, it seems like I should be able to insert code from in the start code of a print job that would check to see if the loaded filament matched the filament the job was sliced for.

    The idea would be to have a line in the print job start gcode that is something like

    if filament !="*have Cura insert filament name*" 
          M291 P"The loaded material does not match the material required for this job. Press OK to continue printing anyway" R"Incorrect Material Loaded" S3

    I didn't see anywhere in the documentation a way to call/compare the loaded filament. I thought that might be in the object model, but I didn't see anything there.

    Is this not yet implemented in RRF3? Is there another way to do this?

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