Panel due displays file progress as est print time.

  • this is odd to me, deut wifi web page say 5 hours left but panel due reports 67 hours left which is listed as file progress on web page. Is there something wrong here?

  • administrators

    Both the web interface and PanelDue receive 3 different estimates from the Duet, base on filament consumed (usually the most accurate), file progress, and height progress. The file progress estimate is available right at the start of the print, the other two become available a little later. All 3 estimates get better as the print progresses.

  • yes sir, you are exactly right, sorry was way under caffeinated for 5 am so forgot about that. As always, much appreciated!

  • BTW, i successfully finished my 1st large scale print yesterday. at 47+ hours and almost a foot and a half tall. Very cool and could not have done it without you help.

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