Interaction Problem with DWC 2.1.6 on Mac

  • There seem to be a problem with Safari in DWC 2.1.6.

    I cannot control-click on anything to activate the right click menu. If I hold down control and the click, I see the menu, but when I let go of the mouse, it simply does nothing.

    For example, in the job window, when I control-click on something in 2.1.5, I get a contextual menu that I can edit, delete, etc. In 2.1.6, If I hold the button, the menu appears, but if I let go of the mouse, it disappears with nothing happening. Same thing in other windows of DWC. (Macros, jobs, Systems, etc).

    Also, if I Control-Shift click, it selects the item, and automatically edits it.

    It works fine in Firefox Mac.

    I would rather use Safari as that's the browser I use for my daily stuff.

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