Manual Bed Leveling

  • I think i'm missing something when it comes to leveling the bed without a probe. In Marlin i could do manual mesh bed leveling where it would move to the 9 points on the bed and wait for me to adjust the bed up and down through the software to let it know where the bed is then move to the next and it would map the bed and give me perfect results just like a probe would. if that is not an option on the Duet that is fine, but is there a way to make it go through the 9 points or however many points so that i can manually adjust the bed up to where it thinks "0" is? I've tried just manually moving to those points while Z is homed but that is apparently incorrect method because there is some offset somewhere i'm missing.

  • Yes you can create macros to do it, if you take a look at the mesh bed leveling thread in general discussion i made several replies to, one of those replies contains several macros… those macros are for 5 points but you can modify and add more... i use them for manual leveling with paper test even though i have the IR probe.

  • Once the bed was level you could also take readings at several points around the bed and create your mesh file manualy so it handles the Z movements automatically.

    To manually read without a probe you would need to enable negative movements then jog the probe down to a sheet of paper with the -0.01 macro then record that position for the meshfile

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