Troodon duet2 wifi + duex5 install

  • Hi I'm switching my main board in the troodon 3d printer to duetwifi2 I had laying around and a duex5 board. I'm having trouble with updating the firmware of the board. I figured since formbot used reprap I could just plug in the sd from the old board and play but unfortunately the board isn't recognizing .
    The console isnt reading off any code and I can't run m997 so:1
    What am I missing that I cant update the fw.
    My current fw says 1.17

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    Hi, I would probably use this procedure to get it up to date quickly using USB to flash the firmware with bossa. 1.17 is quite old at this point and to do an update progression would be a bit tedious.

    Get the files from this release 2.05.1

    You'll need:

    Using the fallback method #3 liked above you can use Bossa to flash 2.05.1 to the board.

    Then place the wifi server 1.23 bin file in the /sys folder

    Use the files from the DuetWebControl SD 2..0.7 to replace the files in the /www folder.

    I would also suggest using the web configurator tool to generate a new config file set for your printer. Save those and place those in the /sys folder.

    You should then be able to boot the board and connect via USB terminal like YAT. Send M115 to confirm that the Bossa flash was successful. Then send M997 S1 to update the wifi server firmware.

    After rebooting you can use the instructions here for configuring the wifi and connecting to your wireless network.

    Then you should be able to connect to the web control. Future firmware updates are as simple as uploading the bin or zip file.

  • First off,
    Thanks for the detailed info. I really appreciate it.

    I used bosa to update fw and m115 to confirm
    i got FIRMWARE_NAME: RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet FIRMWARE_VERSION: 2.05.1 ELECTRONICS: Duet WiFi 1.02 or later + DueX5 FIRMWARE_DATE: 2020-02-09b1<LF>ok<LF>

    when I send m997 s1 i get
    M997: File DuetWiFiServer.bin not found<LF>ok<LF>

    I do have it in the sys folder, so im not sure why it doesnt see it.
    Can I use the formbot vivedino troodon config file that was on the sd card instead? Im afraid ill mess something up compiling from scratch.

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    @Phaedrux said in Troodon duet2 wifi + duex5 install:


    You may need to rename this to just DuetWiFiServer.bin then try to update again.

  • @Phaedrux
    ok so i noticed in the config file m552 s1 so i // it out
    also as you recommended i changed the file name to just duetwifiserver.bin
    this time it looks like it worked i got this message in yat
    Trying to connect at 230400 baud: success<LF>Erasing 4096 bytes...<LF>Erasing 212992 bytes...<LF>Uploading file...<LF>5% complete<LF>10% complete<LF>15% complete<LF>20% complete<LF>25% complete<LF>30% complete<LF>35% complete<LF>40% complete<LF>45% complete<LF>50% complete<LF>55% complete<LF>60% complete<LF>65% complete<LF>70% complete<LF>75% complete<LF>80% complete<LF>85% complete<LF>90% complete<LF>95% complete<LF>Upload successful<LF>ok<LF>

  • now just need the duetwebcontrol update and im done but when i do m997 s2 i get
    m997 s2

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    @Phaedrux said in Troodon duet2 wifi + duex5 install:

    Use the files from the DuetWebControl SD 2..0.7 to replace the files in the /www folder.

    The DWC files are not updated with M997 S2 anymore. You must manually extract them into the /www folder this one time. In the future you'll be able to upload the zip file using the web interface and it will update automatically.

  • cool i did that however i am still not getting any readings for my thermistors and my fans by the board arent turning on , there are no messages in the console on the paneldue
    im not sure whats going on

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    So you're connected to the web interface now?

    If so, at this point you'll need to make sure your wiring and config is correct.

    Are you still trying to use an old config set or have you used the web configurator to generate a new set?

  • I havent tried to bring up the web interface yet.
    ill double check the wiring
    I have not created a new config since I am afraid of messing something up
    Im also not sure if this machine is considered a core xy or a core xz

  • should i just upload my current config file to the config tool?

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    It's not as scary as you think. Just enter the details about your machine. If you're not sure, try and find out. It will give you something to start with. You can compare it to the config you already have.

    Try connecting to the web interface. You'll need to get the ip address of the duet.

    It's very unlikely you have a corexz.

  • I was able to get the duet connected to the network but i couldn't reach the dwc when i typed in the ip address.
    i replaced the current sys folder with a new one created from the config tool. I am still not getting any thermitor readings on my paneldue. I will go ahead and double check my wiring.

    again thanks for the guidance

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    How did you find the IP address to connect to?

    What error did you get in the browser when you tried to connect?

    Does the IP address respond to a ping?

    Are you sure the Duet has joined the wifi network?

    Create these macros. Modify them with your ssid and password. Place them in the /macros folder and use the Panel Due to run them.

    ; Clear all wifi networks
    M291 R"Clear WIFI networks? Y/N" P"Caution. New network must be added." S3 T10
    M552 S0			; Disable network module
    G4 S5			; wait 5 second
    M588 S"*"			; Clear all saved wifi network
    M291 R"WIFI networks forgotten." P"You must add a new WIFI network."
    ; Add default wifi network
    M291 R"Add default WIFI network? Y/N" P"This will add duetwifi access point." S3 T10
    M552 S0			; Disable network module
    G4 S5			; wait 5 seconds
    M587 S"ssid" P"password"			; Add duetwifi SSID to remembered networks list
    G4 S5			; wait 5 seconds
    M552 S1			; reenable wifi module
    M291 R"duetwifi SSID added." P"Check console to verify IP address."

    Sending M552 by itself after should tell you the IP address.

    In your config.g you will need M552 S1 to enable networking.

  • @Phaedrux
    i connected to the wifi by following these steps

    in the yat I got the Ip address
    i just powered up the machine and am unable to ping the IP address
    I will go ahead and add those macros, but FYI my current macros don't show on the paneldue and its constantly saying connecting in the top right corner... also still now messages in the console

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    Please post the contents of your config.g

  • NB: The upstream configs for the Troodon and RRF 3 are available at

  • K I'm a little embarrassed to admit, but I totally overlooked connecting the duex5 power. I am having a hard time finding documentation on how to wire it
    Do i split the power supply from the duet2 and run it to the duex5? Also does the wire need a u terminal connector or can i just strip the wire and stick it in?


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  • What size wire is that? also can the bare wire be placed in the terminal or does it need a crimped terminal connector?

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    I really suggest you read those links thoroughly.

    Important! You must have a reliable low-resistance connection between the negative (ground) terminals of the two VIN terminal blocks. Failure to do so may result in high currents flowing in the ground connectors of the ribbon cable and may cause damage to the Duet 2 or Duex. Preferably, make this connection using either solid core wire, or stranded core wire with ferrules of the correct size crimped on securely. Re-tighten the terminal block screws regularly for the first few days of use, to make sure there is no creep in the wires causing the screws to become loose.

  • @Phaedrux said in Troodon duet2 wifi + duex5 install:

    ow-resistance connection between the negative (ground) terminals of the two VIN terminal blocks.

    I didnt understand low-resistance connection between the negative (ground) terminals of the two VIN terminal blocks.

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    Low resistance meaning a gauge as large or larger than your power wiring. 16 gauge is likely the largest you can reasonably fit and is the largest size of ferrule included in the kit.

  • so if I understand correctly I could use a 18awg wire from the psu to the duet2 wifi and then a 16 awg from the duet2 to the duex5?

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    I think that would be acceptable.

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