AC servo motor/driver control by Duet 3(MB6HC)- help

  • im using duet 3 MB6HC, i want to connect and control an AC servo driver(Panasonic) in order to control the motor.
    does anyone deal with this? i understand there is a way to do it with earlier main boards, is there any way to do so with duet 3?
    how can i use the GPIO terminals for this? or any tool board or expansion board needed to deal with this?
    appreciate any help thank you moooo

  • @dc42
    ? any help?

  • administrators

    We have prototype CAN-connected boards arriving soon, for connecting external drivers to Duet 3.

  • Hello,

    I hope you do so.
    I want to buy the duet3, but have to wait, because I paid a lot for my nanotec closed loop controllers (C5-E1 with CANopen, IO (step/dir (analog)) and CL4-E1) and want to use them (x/y/2xZ) instead of yours in my new created printer.
    A minimum of 6 Extruders is required, too. I would use the internal drivers for the extruders, but the external are most important!

    When do you think is soon?

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