Email or sms notifications?

  • Hello, I looked in the forum and found a 2 year old thread about notification.

    Were there any updates to this? Is there a way to make the Duet 3 send either email or sms on a pause or end of print, basically on any status change while working in standalone?

  • @Thalios said in Email or sms notifications?:

    while working in standalone?

    its effectively a Duet 2 when in stand alone mode, so the same (external) workarounds would apply (for now at least)

  • Duet's entire philosophy for things like DWC is to be "polled", not to push things. Don't expect this to change... so the various things that people have done down through the years, macros to a pin to an Arduino or ESP32 or similar, a polling script, all those are still going to apply.

    The one new factor is the Pi in a Duet 3 + Pi config. Still need to poll... but you can poll from there. Pi comes with Python already installed, so that's a pretty obvious choice. And there are a BAZILLION examples of how to email, sms, tweet, etc, etc, from Pi.

  • Mmm, sadly I don't plan on going with a PI on this unit.

    I'll just have to forget about that feature for now..

  • ESP32 are about $5 each, and could be used to do this in a very straight forward fashion...

  • It's not about price, it's about learning curve. I've not messed with that kind of stuff yet...

    I might at a later date, but for now, I have enough playtime with Fusion 360 and making it into 3d things.

    I might install one once I finally order my Railcore II ZLT hehe

  • Understood! So many toys, not enough time... 🙂

  • If you have a raspberry pi or another computer available you can use Node-Red to poll the Duet and send emails.

    I’ve shared a basic flow here that can be customized to do what you want.

  • @mwolter dammit I hate you now. 3h15am and still programming this! haha. (J/K)

    Always wanted to mess with NodeRED. You gave me an excuse. I have a Mac Mini Server running 24/7 so I made that in a NodeRED and Mosquitto server.

    Right now, I just got an email that my filament ran out on my printer! With a complete status. Now I just need to figure out how to format the email so I don't get something like this:


    THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is exactly what I wanted (Well, would have preferred if the Duet would have something built in but this works too!)

  • @Thalios Glad it will work! I’ve built a few thing with it, amazing software.

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