Moving extra motors while printing

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm currently interested in the possibility of moving independently steppers that are not currently being used during the print. So far I've done some testing using a DUET 2 with RRF 3.01. I've configured an extra U axis on the driver 4, working perfectly.
    But happens that if a try to move that axis while printing, the printer stops for a moment, executes that move, and then continues with the print. I assume that the printer just sends my G0/G1 command to the buffer, executes it, and then continues reading the file, so what I would need it's a second thread receiving input for that motor, or something like that. Would that be possible now or will it be possible in the future? I plan to use it on a Duet 3 if RAM is the problem.

    This forum thread gave me a glimpse of the solution also:

    Many thanks in advance.

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