I thought updated config.g file would do it???

  • Hi Guys, I noticed that if I make changes to my config.g file for the delta setting M665 R196.4 L409.53 B380 H335.15 the changes will not save/work? Is this because of the config-override.g settings take over? Can I make changes to the config-override.g file even though it states not to make changes in this file? My workaround has been to just push an M665 with my wanted setting followed by an M500 then reboot my controller? One other thing is there a way to reboot the controller from the g-code console?

    Thanks for the help!


  • My understanding is that the congfig-override.g file does exactly what it's name implies. So any settings that are in config-override.g will override whatever is in your config.g file. That is why personally, I prefer not to use a config-override file and simply edit the one config.g file then use macros as required. Personally I find the use of M500 too easy to lose control of ones setup.

  • Config files are only read at reboot time. But to experiemt, I belive you can just send the "M665 R196.4 L409.53 B380 H335.15" in the middle of a print and see instant results.

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    The easiest way to reboot the Duet is to use the Emergency Stop button. Or you can send M999 from the Gcode Console.

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