3 point leveling help Please.

  • Hey all! I have a Railcore that I had inadvertently set up wrong almost a year and a half ago.. I flipped the base over so that I now can reach all 300 x 300 of the bed. Now My probe points do not line up with the Pivot points. I haven't touched these settings in so long, that I've forgotten some of the finer points of the operation.

    My BL touch is offset 43mm to the left of My Nozzle.

    When I set up My Bed.G to tell it the position of my 3 pivot points, do I tell it the position when the nozzle is lined up with the pivot, or the position where the BL Touch is lined up? I thought it was the nozzle.

    anyhow, because of the BL Touch's location, I cannot go far enough in the Y direction, to get the Pin lined up with the first Pivot Point. If I set it to the location where the nozzle is aligned with the pivot, when I try to 3 point level, it ignores the endstop, and the stepper keeps going, effectively messing up the steps in the Y direction, in the amount of extra travel it would have needed to travel to align the pin to the pivot.

    I guess My question is this: If I set the position to be as close as I can to the pivot without hitting the end stop, will my bed leveling be inaccurate? I see a couple other posts where David says "close is close enough" as the algorithm will take into consideration the location of the probe.

    Is this correct? Is the auto tramming, or 3 point leveling dependant on the exact location of the pivot? Or does it not even care where the pivot is, as long as it has 3 points to probe?

    Thanks so much!

  • and by "is this correct?" I do not mean is DC42 correct, I mean Am I understanding this correctly.. lol

  • After playing, I think I have figured it out... As long as the proper location of the pivot point is set in the config.g, then the Bed.G is ok to merely be "close enough".

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