RRF OM Request

  • @dc42 Can we get the following OM objects moved to the "not normally returned" category?

    • inputs
    • move.kinematics
    • seqs
    • state.restorePoints

    Just trying to cut down the length of the "normal" response.

    @chrishamm Not sure if DWC uses any of those in standalone mode.

  • administrators

    It's generally a bad idea to query the full object model at once because the full object model tends to exceed the maximum output buffer size (see also my comment on GitHub). This problem becomes even worse on other boards because they don't have as much RAM as the Duet 3. DWC and DSF normally query the live values from the object model (via d99fn) and update the corresponding keys from seqs only if a change is detected (via d99vn).

  • HA! That's what seqs does!! OK, this becomes much less important then. Thanks @chrishamm.

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