Code SEND button misbehavior

  • Seems it takes two clicks of the dashboard SEND button to fire off a command. Hitting keyboard return requires a single click. Is this intentional ?

  • Moderator

    What version of the DWC are you using?

  • DWC 2.71 but also acted the same on an earlier version - 2.07 I think. Perhaps irrelevant but it is running in the Chrome browser

  • It can be reproduced even with newest 2.1.8. Load the page, force reload (ctrl+f5), type any command in the input field and press the button. Nothing happens. Press again and it sends, and seems to work untill a new force reload.

    In the source there is a comment "// FIXME There must be a better solution than this", so I guess chrishamm is aware.

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