SD Card Error Duet 2 Ethernet V1.04c

  • Good Morning all,

    I seem to have encountered exactly the same sd-card problem with my new Duet 2 Ethernet V1.04c board.
    I wanted to set up the board last Saturday with a friend who already has two of these boards in operation and now I seem to have encountered exactly the same problem as described here.

    I have read and checked this article carefully and implemented all advice and inquiries accordingly. Unfortunately, however, this was also unsuccessful. Therefore, I have now collected all the data that you may need for a guarantee exchange. Unless you have another idea how to solve the problem.


    I downloaded the SD card content from your Github pages and copied it to the formatted card.



    I also did this procedure with the original SD card and another SD card. With both I get the same feedback from YAT as can be seen in the course.


    I also removed the Ethernet module to take a picture of the connections. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera that is so good for taking extremely high-resolution pictures. I hope you can see something on it.


    It would be nice if you should have another idea what it could be to give me feedback in a timely manner. Otherwise I would be grateful for a quick guarantee exchange.

    please let me know if you need anything else from me.

    thank you

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    Hello, sorry to see that you've had some issues with your SD card slot. From your close up photo it does look like the leg on the far right end is floating above the solder pad slightly.

    Which reseller did you purchase the board from?

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    @Zappelmann Thanks for the replies, and sorry you're having problems with your Duet. It does look like the SD card socket is incorrectly soldered, and the M122 response showing "SD card [...] interface speed: 12.0MBytes/sec" rather than 20.0MBytes/sec tends to indicate a problem here.

    I authorise a warranty replacement. Please contact and follow their warranty instructions. Link to this thread as evidence and authorisation for replacement.


  • thank you for the fast reaction.

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