M453 - I added minimum spindle rpm (is it useful?)

  • Hi,

    I find it useful for M453 to specify a minimum spindle speed as well as a maximum to control a AMB/Kress 1050 Di.

    I have compiled firmware 2.04 for myself with minimum rpm added, is this something worth submitting to be included?

    What would the preferred switches / syntax be, I added multiple ways to experiment.

    M453 S"Spindle" P20 Q2778 R25000 F3000 I0 T0 ; Q = new minimum rpm

    M453 S"Spindle" P20 R25000:2778 F3000 I0 T0 ; R[maxrpm]:[minrpm]

    minimum rpm defaults to 0.0 so if its not specified the firmware acts identical to the current version and the only changes are 1 extra spindle variable, the spindle speed calculation and the M453 parsing.

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