Only follow the last movement command

  • I'm using a duet 2 Wifi/ethernet controller with RepRapFirmware version 2.03RC1 and I was wondering if the controller has several movement commands in it's queue, are there any command for only following the last command given and clear the rest?

  • Commands issued 1,2,3,4,5,6

    At the moment 2 is executing, you issue ?? and the result is the Duet executes only 2? or completes 2 and executes only 6? or terminates 2 and executes only 6? Or something else?

    And... generally... no. I know of no such command in Duet or any other G-Code.

    The closest two things are:

    • Emergency stop, that terminates the current move and doesn't start any more
    • M400 which waits for the planner buffer to be empty before proceeding.

    Neither of those seems all that close to what you are asking.

  • Terminates 2 and executes only 6 is what I'm looking for yes.

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