Serial connection and opposite spin direction

  • Hi at all,
    Sorry for my "poor English"...:-)
    I'm looking for some information about the correct serial connection of two stepper motors for axis Y that has to spin in opposite direction controlled by Y driver of duet board.
    I found a lot of wiring diagrams in internet, but no one clearly explain to me how obtain the opposite direction.
    should I only connect two opposite motors windings (i.e A1 and A2 with B1 and B2)? or should i also to reverse the polarity of windings (i mean A1 with B1 and A2 with B2)?
    The first connection that i have done, is not working well....the motors only do a little confused movement without direction.
    Thanks for you help.


  • This is how I have done it in the past with a Duet board.

  • @Coffee Thank a lot...
    I will try....

  • Hi.
    I've tried and everything worked fine.

    Thanks again!

  • Good deal! You are most welcome!

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