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  • Hi all, hope everyone is well. I have just started wiring my D Bot and would like a bit of guidence if possible. I may decide to run 3 Z axis stepper motors so I can use a BL touch probe. Is the expansion board I need the Duex or is there a dedicated expansion board for the Maestro? Now to endstops, I have wired the limit switches in normally closed mode, is this correct for the default firmware setting? In the unactivated state, I get a YES to endstop triggered, when I press the switch, the reading changes to NO, is this correct? I also want to run two case cooling fans, one blowing and one exhausting, what is the best line of attack? Wire both to one connector, with + and - reversed for one to make it run in reverse or connect to the 24V in from the PSU? I am using 24V fans. Duet endstop state 1.png 20200516_124902.jpg Duet endstop state 2.png

  • You should invert endstop signals to make it work correctly, so use right S parameter on M574 command, assuming you using series 2 firmware, not 3.
    And never connect fans with reversed polarity. If you want them to work as blow and other to suck, just mount them with dirrerent side to case.

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    Here is the Maestro stepper expansion board.

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