Weird additional moves+slanted X

  • So I'm still trying to calibrate my Hypercube Evolution. I was unsatisfied with my print quality, so I got a new set of Gates belts. However, now my calibration cube's walls are slanted in the X axis. In addition to that, I'm having a weird unwanted move towards the end of my X moves. In the following image, the print start from the top left corner and the moves go clockwise:
    I have no idea if this is tensioning or jerk, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it. Not sure what additional info to provide, but I'm on a Hypercube evolution with a Titan Aero and the latest firmware.

  • @HuitZiloP It looks to me like the X axis isn't at right angles to the Y axis. Unless I misunderstood your post, this started when you changed the belts. If the belt tension is uneven, that can cause the gantry to twist. That twist might also cause something to stick which might explain the other problem you are seeing. I'd look at the belt tension and get that even by checking that the X rails are at right angles to the Y axis. Problems like the one you describe are almost always mechanical, rather than firmware settings.

  • Thank you so much, just fiddled with my belt tensioning and noticed the X axis was indeed slanted. As for the unwanted moves at the end of every X move, I also discovered my left pulley was completely loose. Issue solved, thanks!

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