Duet 3 and ODrive

  • Hi,

    I would like to use Duet 3 with ODrive as an external driver utilizing BLDC motors, but based on what I found in the documentation / on the internet, I was unable to reach a conclusion whether it is possible or not. Potential options in my understanding are:

    • CAN-FD: The most straightforward approach for Duet 3, but ODrive (more precisely STM32F4) does not support CAN-FD, so that is not an option.
    • Step/Dir: the most straightforward approach for ODrive, but I couldn't find in the documents if Duet 3 has Step/Dir output options (I know Duet 2 has), so I'm uncertain.
    • UART: this one seems to be a viable approach, as IO1 is UART enabled on Duet 3 (IO0 too, but that is reserved for PanelDue), so is GPIO 1-2 on ODrive, the only limiting factor seem to be the lack of documentation.

    My question is if there is any possibility (including but not limited to the points above) to use ODrive as an external driver with Duet 3, if so, please advise on the best approach. Thank you in advance!


  • All of the above will require modifications to hardware or firmware.

    There are forum posts about expansion boards supporting step/dir and even a mainboard with step/dir support instead of integrated drivers - search and you shall find (tl;ds not yet available)

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