Question on M558 A & S Parameters

  • I was playing around with M558 and have a question on maybe the documentation. I set the A parameter to 3 and the S parameter to a low number of 0.02. When I do a G29 it will probe along for a while sometimes making two probes and sometimes 3. After a a number of probes the G29 will stop and post a console message "Error: Z probe readings not consistent".

    The documentaion states "However, if the number of attempts specified by the A parameter is reached without getting two consecutive results within tolerance of each other, no further probe attempts are made and the average result of all the attempts is used."

    I was taking this to mean that the probing at this location would be abandoned and it would move on to the next location. Is this the way this should work or should the G29 just quit?

    This is on RRF 3.1.0+ and a Smarteffector.

  • Moderator

    I'm not certain but that may only apply to a single G30 and not G29. Just speculating.

    Regardless, I would suggest that if you're going to use the A parameter, use a larger value for retries like 10.

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