DWC2 Feature Requests? Fan control + webcam questions.

  • So on DWC there are 2 features which I really liked which are missing on DWC2. The first is the ability to lock the fans at a set speed. On DWC there is no lock button so the GCODE can keep overriding the fan control

    dwc2fan.png dwc1fans.png

    Also, on DWC1 i liked the ability to see all the stats + camera image on 1 screen with the progress bar. On DWC 2 it is now a separate tab with no other info displayed

    dwc2.png dwc1.png

    Curious if it is possible to have any of these options on DWC2 or if it has already been suggested.

    For now, I've just reverted back to DWC1 as it works better for me.

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    It may be possible to use M106 Lnnn Xnnn in a future DWC2 version to lock the fan value but that wasn't available at the time I wrote DWC1, so it actually sends M106 codes whenever the fan value is changed. I don't want to leave control functionality in the UI, which is the same reason why I'll remove the "Auto-Sleep" option from the print status page in a future version, too.

  • Hi, not sure what you mean by "leave control functionality in the UI"? What is the benefit of removing some features from the screen?

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    He means that the fan lock was only functional while the DWC window was open and working. If you closed the DWC window or it was put to sleep it would stop locking the fan speed. Functions like this should be controlled via gcode commands on the Duet.

  • Oh, i see. I always keep the duet tab opened and pinned so i guess I have never had it change.

    Any possibility of showing the camera feed on the new DWC2 status page?

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