Requesting information about 0.8.5 vs Wifi for a diamond end hotend

  • Finished building my CoreXY but due to an accident, my 0.8.5 got fried… all the lights remain lit even if every stepper motor & endstops are unplugged...

    Now, I must decide if I should rebuy a duet 0.8.5 or buy a Duet WIFI. I plan to use the diamond with (3) E3D V6, I had previously purchased the Duex4 (for the extra extruder). However, I read that the Wifi has

    Expandable up to 7 extruders with Firmware support for mixing nozzles and remapping axes to use high power external drivers.

    … In your opinion, are the improvement on the Wifi large enough to justify the purchase and upgrade to the Wifi + Duex2 or Duex5?

    Thank you

  • In my opinion, yes (although personally I prefer the Ethernet version rather than the WiFi version). The main thing for me is how much quieter the printer is. As for stepper drives, the WiFi and Ethernet version both have 5 stepper drivers so assuming you have one each for X Y and Z, that leave two for extruders. So you'll need and expansion board as well. I'm not sure if the Duex 4 is compatible with the WiFi/Ethernet. No doubt Tony or David will be along to confirm that - if not send them an email or pm.

    For my money, I'd go the the newer boards(s) but it's your money, not mine.

    I'm a bit confused by your statement about using a Diamond hot end and 3 off E3D V6s. I thought the V6 was a hot end. I use a Diamond with 3off E3D Titan extruders - is that what you mean?

  • I am planning to use, it has (3) E3D (everything but hot end…)

  • Yes, that's the stock Diamond hot end that I use. The only thing that's E3D is the heat sinks (and they are the lite version).

  • Nylkos: If you have a functional Duex4 expansion board then it will be a lot cheaper to stay with the Duet V0.8.5 for now, although you will miss out on some features unique to the Duet Wifi/Ethernet. The Duex4 expansion board is not compatible with Duet Wifi/Ethernet so for a Diamond hotend you would need at least a new DueX2 expansion board as well as the Wifi/Ethernet. (The DueX2s are due in stock in around 2-3 weeks from now). If you decide to stay with V0.8.5, we have some refurbished boards in stock at reduced prices - email or PM me if you are interested.

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