Need a liitle bit of clarification about M500

  • Recently I became very confused (again) about the M500 command - I made changes to the Z offset in the G31 line within config.g but these weren't carried over into the config-override.g file when I sent an M500 command. I did a search on this forum and found that it's not supposed to any more!

    But now I have a config-override.g file that has 3 G31 lines within it, probably there from way back, and most likely shouldn't even be there.

    Can I just delete them?

  • administrators

    Yes you can delete those lines.

    Saving the G31 height with M500 is optional. It is saved if you send M500 P31, or if you send M500 and the G31 height was read from config-override.g at startup.

  • Thank you.

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