Live adjust babystepping during macro

  • Hi, i'm currently working on a macro to adjust my Z offset during a print line (i use the prusa mini pattern for live adjust) so i wanted to use babystepping to adjust the height. I've add a line at the end of the gcode to change my Z offset according to babystepping, but, to change babystepping, i goes to status and try to change it, it doesn't work this way (maybe because it's in a macro). Is there a way to do it during a macro ? I want to keep it in a macro, not as a print file (don't want to suppress it by mistake) ? Maybe it's just the way web control works ?

    Have a nice day !

  • @dc42 sorry for bothering you, do you have any thoughts about this ?

  • if you're using RRF3 and conditional g-code you should be able to increment or decrement a work coordinate offset instead of baby stepping?

  • @bearer that's maybe possible but to do that, i need to be able to adjust my Z value to have the right height, that's why i want to use babystepping ^^ but i'm trying to do it in a macro, and it doesn't work while in a macro

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