Faulty Z stepper

  • Hi
    I purchased a Duet Ethernet and received it yesterday 31/5
    I purchased the Duet to replace a Replicape board so all wiring has been tested and working the Replicape was working when I took it out.
    anyway log onto the duet web page all looked good checked endstops to make sure they were triggering .
    so next I thought I would try home ….finger on the power button in case motors going wrong direction ...click home and there was a crack hit the mains power off button and thought that cant be good.
    double triple check wiring even tho I had already triple checked before first power up ...cant see anything wrong.
    power up again all seems good logon to web all looks good tried home again this time only 2 axis moving and a message coming up drive 2 shorted to ground.
    It was configured as a delta printer so drive 2 is Z ...I think the crack I heard was the Z stepper having a issue.
    The Z stepper is broken ....I verified it was not stepper motor as I can put the z motor on Y and it will move .

    any help is appreciated

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    Is there any visible sign of damage to the Z stepper driver chip?

  • yeah it looks like a small crack

  • it is very small but the surface does look difference to the other chips.
    I have remapped Z to E1 using M584 X0 Y1 Z4 E3:5:6:7:8:9 and it homes properly so no doubt there is a issue with the Z stepper

  • has there been a issue with this happening or am I just damn unlucky ?

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    A small number of driver chips seem to suffer from infant mortality. Please ask your supplier for a replacement board.

  • Great Support thankyou

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