DWC 'Turn Everything off'

  • Newest version of DWC just downloaded together with RRF3.1.1

    I am not sure if I misunderstand this feature or if it is a bug ....

    On the DWC panel, in the 'tools' section there is a button for 'control all'
    If I click on that button I can set all active temperatures and all standby temperatures. There is also a button to turn everything off.
    In the past, I believe the 'turn everything off' did in fact do that. The action now seems to be to turn of all hot ends. The build plate heater is never turned off.
    While it makes sense for the 'set all active temperatures' and 'set all standby temperatures' to only act on the hot end temperatures, I would expect the 'turn everything off' to, well, turn everything off.
    So, bug or feature ? If feature then don't call it 'turn everything off' but rather 'turn nozzles off' or similar OR instead of 'controll all' call it 'control all nozzles' or similar.

  • For me the button does nothing atm. 😕

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