Kossel XL

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  • Nice, are you going with a liquid cooled hotend?

  • Maybe i miss read your origional post, how do you intend to deliver cooling if you have a chamber heater going?

    The e3d can be customized with a water cooling jacket, does the prometheus have the same option?

    On some of the old Stratysys systems they used flex conduit which brought cold air from the outside to the hotend.

    The motors will need proper cooling as well.

  • @CaLviNx:

    All that needs cooled will be cooled if I see a need (a flir camera from work tells no lies)

    Extruder motors have their own cooling which will be exhausted out of the case

    My P3Steel with an e3d v6 has happily printed roll upon roll of abs with chamber Temps of 40c with no direct cooling to the hot end (I did add dual fans to to heat break fins though)

    So in this new project we will just see what happens and overcome each item that presents itself in a negative manner.

    Then there is an FT-5 sitting in a box waiting on a maker 713 kit to become available and that will be getting a Titan aero to test on it.


    Nice, I have always wanted a Flir or something similar.

    Nice Titan Aero is next on my list to test out as I want to explore flexibles more.

  • Calvin Brian Gilbert did exactly the same with his delta and if it fit's then great unfortunately mine is bigger than any of the IKEA cupboards they do but I have designe some brackets for mine that will allow me to attach sides to it it held on with Magnets

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