Duet 2 Wifi Unresposive

  • Hi,
    While plugging in the ir sensor, I failed to turn off the device and I believe there may have been a short as now I cannot access the board through windows and have gone through https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/What_to_do_if_your_Duet_won't_respond without any success. I did notice that U2 is heating up when powered. The SD card that was in use at the time is also broken and the diag light comes on dimly red when the device is powered by usb along with 2 other red LEDs.


    Is there a way to resurrect the board?

  • @Spawn153 said in Duet 2 Wifi Unresposive:

    Is there a way to resurrect the board?

    Seems there is a problem with the 3.3v supply, no visible green light from the 3.3v LED, and when you say U2 heats up it would suggest it have failed and would need replacing.

    Alternatively you could try supplying external 3.3v (from a current 200mA limited supply), but odds are U2 has a short on its output.

    (You could test for a short by measuring the resistance between ground and a 3.3v pin, prior to supplying any external 3.3v)

    ((ed Ofc there is no guarantee the processor and wifi module will work after fixing the 3.3v issue, it would depend on what caused the 3.3v to fail in the first place))

  • Hi, thanks for the response. I saw a similar issue on another thread and have removed U2 and tested the board by applying 3.3v via an endstop connector. which causes the wifi module to light up, along with diag (fully bright now but doesn't turn off), the 3.3v. Both the wifi module and microcontroller warm up but I have not got anything showing up on the PC when connected to USB still.

  • @Spawn153 said in Duet 2 Wifi Unresposive:

    Both the wifi module and microcontroller warm up

    warm up, like normal warm up or like too hot to touch?

    its possible the microcontroller have had its firmware corrupted, you could try https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Installing_and_Updating_Firmware#Section_Fallback_procedure_Num_3 but its also possible its damaged.

    if you're able to flash and connect normally run M997 S1 to re-flash the wifi module if needed.

  • I'd say normal warm up, nothing is too hot to touch.

    Unfortunately I cannot get anything to show up in device manager, not even a Bossa port 😞

  • if that is the result without an sd card inserted then odds are the microcontroller would need replacing as well, possibly more.

  • Ahh, not something I'm equipped to do. Is there somewhere I can send it for the repairs to be done? Or would it be beyond economic repair at this point?

  • see this maybe? https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/13875/community-repairs

    without a clear diagnose or cause it would come with some uncertainty. shipping is either expensive or unreliable these days as well.

  • I have read through that post, would you be willing to have a go at it? Or would you suggest I just replace it?

  • @Spawn153 said in Duet 2 Wifi Unresposive:

    would you be willing to have a go at it?

    me, sure, but as I put in the post I wrote we've got new customs rules which may or may not mean i pay VAT and import fees for everything i receive. Fees alone are 165 NOK + 25% VAT.

    do if you're local-ish and can avoid imports then no problem, if not you may want to try other options.

    (there may be a loophole with eBay, they already support VOEC and will collect the 25% VAT at checkout avoiding the import fees; so if you list it on eBay, buy it yourself and send it to me with VAT pre-paid then no fees afaik. I'd still wait and see until I receive the first order from eBay after the new rules - with covid 19 I'm not sure when that'll be, everything is over due)

    Its hard to say if its economical to repair when the CPU isn't working to diagnose the rest of the board. The CPU is about €7, but wifi and stepper driver quickly adds up to €50-60, with shipping on top.

    where are you located, maybe we can tag one of the others if they are closer?

    edit oh, just got an appointment to reset a broken finger next week, might mean some delays on my end if you don't find a better option.

  • I am in the UK. Ideally I would send it to be repaired directly to Duet3D, but I don't think that is possible as this wouldn't be considered a warranty repair. I also don't see anyone UK based in that forum post.

    Maybe if an Admin sees this post they could help?

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    @Spawn153 Sorry you're having problems with your Duet. Unfortunately, as @bearer says, it sounds like quite a number of components have failed, and it's most likely uneconomical to repair. We don't really do repairs in-house, either; they go back to the manufacturers if it's their problem, or @dc42 undertakes some repairs when he has availability (but is very, very busy at the moment!). If you can find someone else in the UK to repair it through the 'community repairs' thread, that's probably your best option if you really, really want to repair it. We prefer boards are repaired where possible, as we dislike e-waste, but sometimes it just doesn't make sense.

    However, if you email Roland on sales@duet3d.com we have a small number of refurbished boards at reduced price, which will keep the cost of replacement down.


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